After the OMS/NC burns series is completed and the Shuttle and ISS orbits and positions are matched, the last phase of the final “approach” of the rendezvous and docking with the ISS are performed manually, assisted by the radar guidance system and various cameras (and also by visually following the target through the Space Shuttle windows).

Video Tutorial

Docking Video Tutorial

Same Video Tutorial on Youtube:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Docking techniques in SSM


Docking with the ISS is done using an approach named “TORVA” below are the TORVA approach diagrams and checklists for SSM2007. These checklists are derived from the real STS-122 checklist (9MB).

upload.ssm-fans.info_images_torvassmrbar.jpg upload.ssm-fans.info_images_torvassmvbar.jpg
Approach to RPM RPM and Docking

Those checklists are found on the SSM manual and In addition they are also available in different “flavor”. Michael swannick has published the checklist under familiar format - Click here for Mike's checklist

Originally the TORVA was adopted to SSM by Dee-Jay in the forums, and only on SP4.0 released on Sept. 2009 the TORVA was officially included in SSM.
Original forum threads
Original TORVA thread by Dee-Jay (french)
English Translation (by Nephi) to the original TORVA Thread
SSM TORVA checklist by Dee-Jay (English)


In sept. 2009, with SP4, SSM also started to include the fly-around maneuver performed in ISS missions.
the SSM checklist shown below were also adapted from the real STS-122 checklist.

Undocking and flyaround

ISS Ops on the real world


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