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 ======A7 panel===== ======A7 panel=====
-The A7 panel is part of the [[aft_panels|AFT Panels array]]. ​It contains the payload bay flood light controls, CCTV camera controls, and the video source selectors.\\ +The A7 panels are part of the [[aft_panels|AFT Panels array]].  
-{{:​a7u.jpg?​550|The A7 panel - Click to enlarge}}+===== A7U =====
-The Lower A7 panel contains the controls ​for the [[apds|APDS]].+The A7U panel contains the payload bay flood light controls, CCTV camera controls, and the video source selectors.\\
-{{:​lower_a7.jpg?​550|The Lower A7 panel - Click to enlarge}}}}+|{{:​a7u.jpg?​550|The A7 panel - Click to enlarge}}| 
 +^  A7U Panel in SSM2007 ​ ^ 
 +===== A7 ===== 
 +The A7 panel contains the controls for the [[apds|APDS]]. 
 +|{{:​lower_a7.jpg?​550|The Lower A7 panel - Click to enlarge}}
 +^  A7 Panel in SSM2007 ​ ^
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