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-======EVA====== +======Extra Vehicular Activities (EVA)====== 
-**E**xtra **V**ehicular **A**ctivity ​(EVA) is commonly known as "Spacewalk"in which the Astronauts ​operates ​outside ​of his space-craft ​in a specially designed ​suite that keeps him alive and functioning.+**E**xtra **V**ehicular **A**ctivities ​(EVA) commonly known as "Spacewalks" ​- are activities ​in which the Astronauts ​operate ​outside ​the spacecraft ​in a specially designed ​Space Suit that protects them and supplies the necessary life support to enable them to perform various tasks in Space.
-In Space Shuttle ​mission ​there are quite a few missions that require the player to perform various tasks in EVAs in order to finish ​the mission.+In Space Shuttle ​Mission 2007, there are quite a few missions that require the player to perform various tasks in EVA in order to complete ​the mission.
-in the game when an astronaut ​is outside the shuttle ​you need to select him as the tracked object in the External view (F1 Key). The currently active object is stated ​in the MET clock. ​after the EV astronaut ​is selected a first person view is available (F3 Key). +In the game when an Astronaut ​is outside the Shuttle ​you need to select him as the tracked object in the External view (by multiple ​F1 Key presses). The currently active object is shown in the MET clock window, in the upper right side of the main 3D viewAfter the EVA is selected a First Person View is available (F3 Key), allowing the gamer to see what a real Astronaut performing EVA would see.
- +
 =====Tethered EVAs===== =====Tethered EVAs=====
 ====Controls==== ====Controls====
-The Tethered EVA is very simple to learn and understand. ​it'​s ​very straigh forward. +The Tethered EVA is very simple to learn and understand. ​It is very straigforward and it is controlled ​with the Numpad or joystick.
-it is controlled ​from the Numpad ​Only. (or joystick+
- +
-|  {{:eva-hud.jpg?350|EVA HUD}}  | +
-^  Tethered EVA, First person view  ^+
 +[{{:​eva-hud.jpg?​550direct|Tethered EVA, First person view}}]
 ===Keyboard=== ===Keyboard===
-the controls used are the Numpad keys to move in all axis. +With version 2.40 EVA can move now in 6DoF. The controls used to move are all located ​on the Numpad:
- +
-on this type of EVA you can Translate up or Down, forward or Backwards and yaw left and right.+
 |  ^  Keys  | |  ^  Keys  |
-^  ​Forward/Aft  ​| ​ Numpad ​/ Numpad ​ | +^  ​Translate Fwd/Back|  Numpad - / Numpad +  | 
-^  Left/​Right ​ |  Numpad ​/ Numpad ​ | +^  Translate Up/​Down ​ ​| ​ Numpad ​PgUp / Numpad ​PgDn  | 
-^  Up/​Down ​ |  Numpad ​/ Numpad ​ ​| ​+^  ​Translate L/R  |  Numpad / / Numpad *  |  
 +^  Roll Left/​Right ​ |  Numpad ​L Arrow / Numpad ​R Arrow  | 
 +^  ​Pitch Up/​Down ​ |  Numpad ​Up Arrow / Numpad ​Dn Arrow  | 
 +^  Yaw L/R  |  Numpad Ins / Numpad Del  | 
-It's as simple as that. 
 <note important>​ **The "Num Lock" key should be turned on while in the game**</​note>​ <note important>​ **The "Num Lock" key should be turned on while in the game**</​note>​
 ===Joystick=== ===Joystick===
-Using the Stick is slightly less intuitive+Using the joystick ​is slightly less intuitive and sometimes the keyboard ​(or a combination of Numpad + joystick) ​would be preferable. 
-and sometimes the keyboard would be preferable.+|  ^  Axis  | 
 +^  Forward/​Aft ​ | Pitch Axis  | 
 +^  Left/​Right ​ | Roll Axis  | 
 +^  Up/​Down ​ | Yaw Axis (rudder) ​ | 
 =====Un-tethered EVAs===== =====Un-tethered EVAs=====
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 ===MMU=== ===MMU===
 +The [[wp>​Manned_Maneuvering_Unit|Manned Maneuvering Unit]] is designed to allow astronauts free unrestricted work outside of their spacecraft. The MMU allow control in all the axises and movment in all three.
 +In SSM2007 the MMU is used in [[STS-41C]] and [[STS-51A]].
 +[{{:​mmu.jpg|MMU in orbit ([[STS-41C]])}}]
 ===SAFER=== ===SAFER===
 +[[wp>​Simplified_Aid_for_EVA_Rescue|Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue]] has been introduced as a safe guard for tethered space walks. It is much smaller and lighter then the MMU and has a limited amount of propellant.
 +In SSM2007 the SAFER is used in [[STS-88]] and [[STS-98]].
 ====Controls==== ====Controls====
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