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 =====Space Shuttle Middeck===== =====Space Shuttle Middeck=====
-Great Job Desktop Simmer on the design!+Starting from SP3.10 SSM2007 includes a 3D middle deck. the middle deck is available for the entire flight and contain MS seats during Liftoff and Landing. 
 +The Middek was modeled by a member of the SSM community, DesktopSimmer and his blog is available at [[http://​|Blogspot]].
-The View from the [[Flight Deck]] +|{{:​mideck_from_flight_deck.jpg?​350direct|Click to Enlarge}}|{{:​middeck.jpg?​350direct|Click to enlarge}}| 
-{{:​mideck_from_flight_deck.jpg|}}+^  ​The View from the [[Flight Deck]] ​ ​^ ​ Middeck Panels and hatch  ^
-Middeck Hatch 
-Middeck Airlock 
-Middeck Panels 
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