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Previous Versions

Listed here are the “Landmarks” of SSM2007 evolution.
only the most recent Previous release has a full change log.

If you have one of those version you would want to go to the space shuttle mission website and get the latest patch from the download section.

All versions listed here are obsolete , they are not needed as all SSM2007 patches are cumulative. All information in this page is for historic purposes only.


  • Added: Russian Spacecraft docked at ISS during STS-130
  • Fixed: Focus, Alt-Tab, etc. bugs on some Windows setups.
  • The latest NASA Space Shuttle Mission - STS-130 - which has just returned after installing the final modules on the ISS.
  • The OBSS camera video link to enable the crew to visually examine the thermal shield tiles
  • The Cupola crew station (when docked to the ISS and after the Cupola has been installed) – enjoy the breathtaking views of Earth from the place inside the ISS.

Released on January 23rd, 2010.

  • Added: Active MON 2
  • Added: Active CCTV video mixer
  • Added: Docking comms

Release on December 24th, 2009.

  • Added: Ares I-X launch event
  • Change: Better water effects



Released on November 29nd, 2009.

  • Added: ISS PMA ACSMI LEDs active and reflect the ISS ACS Modding
  • Added: Docking distance to PMA callouts
  • Added: Docking guidance callouts
  • Change: Additional improvements to the ISS 3D model, mainly textures, bump maps and shaders.

Released on November 22nd, 2009.

  • Added: ISS Alpha joints adjusted in all relevant ISS missions to match historical attitude during docking.
  • Added: Visible 3D cockpit + Astronauts in external view.
  • Added: Docking aids: CCTV reticule and ISS PMA ACSMI LEDs
  • Change: Significant improvements to the ISS 3D model:PMAs, Modules, Handrails, texturing, bump mapping, accuracy

Released on October 18th, 2009.

  • Added: New Mission STS-128
  • Added: New EVA-assist Help system
  • Added: UNIV PTG TRACK implemented for mission-related targets: it will always point the PLB towards the target.
  • Added: ISS solar panels in the correct position during docking.

Released on September 20th, 2009.

  • Change: RCS translation is inhibited during Time Skip.
  • Change: Flare indicators and guidance diamond declutter automatically during final flare.
  • Change: PULSE mode translation time is now dependant on the TRANS PULSE setting in DAP.
  • Change: PULSE mode rotation not limited to the rate settings in DAP config.

Released on September 6th, 2009.

  • Added: R-BAR, TORVA, V-BAR, Fly-Around procedures
  • Added: Differential Braking after landing
  • Changed: Realistic LOS indicator



Released on July 19th, 2009.

  • Added: STS-125 (New mission)
  • Added: Second rescue Shuttle on launch pad 39B
  • Added: New ambient sound on flight deck, mid-deck, Spacelab.

Released on June 20th, 2009.

  • Added: Full Free Floating mode within the Shuttle and airlock
  • Added: STS-47 fully functional hatch and tunnel, and 3D model
  • Added: Anti-Skid warning light
  • Added: Fully collimated HUD
  • Change: T-00:05:00 and T-00:02:00 “No Go” removed to facilitate “Synch Launch” events
  • Change: HUD now viewed through the correct line of sight
  • Change: STS-47 Spacelab ops match new free-float mode
  • Change: RCS Z HI,LO mode enhanced
  • Change: ADI functionality and better graphics
  • Fixed: Male/Female voice bug

Released May 23rd, 2009.

  • Added: STS-100 (New mission)
  • Added: New voice for landing control
  • Fixed: Panel 3D glitch on middeck.

Original release was SP3.50 released May 10th, 2009.


Released April 12th, 2009.

  • Added: Crosswinds during landing
  • Added: Virtual 3D Mid-deck
  • Added: Weather report comms
  • Added: Guidance communications during landing
  • Added: RMS “Rate Hold” function. Toggle with the R key.
  • Fixed: Radar altitude on MEDS and HUD. Both activation altitude and readings have been fixed.

v 3.00

Released March 10th, 2009.

  • Added: MAJOR Addition: Launch 9min wait. Launch Director poll + audio.
  • Added: MAJOR Addition: New guidance system during landing.
  • Added: MAJOR Addition: Velocity Vector (VV) indicator during final.
  • Added: FD turns to VV when on final (GPC software version OI-28)
  • Change: MAJOR Change:Shuttle handling during landing more realistic.
  • Change: MAJOR Change: HUD symbology, values truncated, RA clamps at 200'. HUD Alt active from 400kft.
  • Change: ADI modes, time to HAC, glideslope, etc.
  • Change: The CDR and PLT GPC keypads in 2D are now toggled on/off by the relevant SHIFT keys.
  • Fixed: Landing RA calls in tens below 100'.


v 2.45

Released January 31st, 2009.

  • Added: STS-47 (New mission)
  • Added: More detailed 3D tower at KSC SLF
  • Added: Spacelab INTERIOR (a first in SSM2007)
  • Added: Runway distance markings for KSC
  • Added: The cockpit now reflects the plasma during reentry.
  • Change: Gear deployment time

v 2.40

Released on December 24th, 2008.

  • Added: STS-401 (New mission).
  • Added: Clouds layer at liftoff and landing.
  • Added: 6DoF EVA movement.
  • Added: 6DoF Free Cam movement.
  • Change: New RMS/EVA/Freecam Keyboard commands.

v 2.30

Released on November 21st, 2008.

  • Added: STS-51A (New mission)
  • Added: “Shakes” FX during roll out.
  • Added: “Bouncy” landing FX.
  • Added: New sound FX at liftoff.
  • Change: T:-00:00:12 start, changed to T:-00:01:00.

v 2.20

Released on October 19th, 2008.

  • Added: STS-98 (new mission).
  • Added: Spec 96 display in SM mode.
  • Added: Light sources in virtual cockpit.
  • Added: Analog gauges in virtual cockpit are lighted.
  • Change: Adjusted EVA movements.

v 2.11

Released on September 13th, 2008.

  • Added: STS-32 (new mission)
  • Added: POV hat can be used to scroll 2D panels
  • Change: SSME flames
  • Change: SRB smoke graphics
  • Change: Shakes starts at SSME ignition.
  • Change: Adjusted RT timings to accomodate especially fast PCs.

v 2.04

Released on August 16th, 2008.

  • Added: Major performance optimization
  • Added: STS-124 (new mission)
  • Added: Lighted buttons status now visible in virtual cockpit
  • Added: Adjustable cockpit lighting
  • Added: Single engine OMS burns possible. Enable before ITEM 22
  • Added: Second F3 press re-centres EVA FPV too
  • Change: Smoothening of roll manuever at launch

As with all SSM2007 Service Packs it included all the previous features and fixes:



  • TrackIR:Pro support
  • Matrox TripleHead2Go support
  • Vuzix iWear VR920 stereoscopic HMD support


v 1.37

Released on July 5th, 2008.

  • Added: New Mission - STS-93
  • Added: Simulation of minor Shuttle system faults.
  • Added: Runway Overlay in 3D HUD.

v 1.36

  • Added: Vuzix iWear VR920 ™ stereoscopic goggles HMD support.
  • Added: Functional caution and other lights on the VC panels.
  • Added: Cooling and Avionics systems faults and alarms.

v 1.35

Released on June 6th, 2008.

v 1.34

  • Added: Visible shockwave during lift off
  • Added: SRB separation jets
  • Added: Overhead bottom panel needles and RMS speed needles shows in VC

v 1.33

Released on May 17th, 2008.

V 1.32

  • Added Over-G protection
  • Change: Launches completely reviewed
  • Change: Smoother release of external tank and boosters
  • Fixed: OMS burns uses correct amount of fuel and the target altitudes is correct within 1 nautical mile

V 1.30

Released on April, 2008.

  • Added: New Mission - STS-122
  • Added: new EVA HUD

V 1.27

  • Added: Line Of Sight (LOS) indicator is fully operational in the 3D Cockpit.
  • Added: Now all the views “remember” the last position.
  • Added: Reduced tolerance for VS during landing.

V 1.26

  • Added: Support for Wide Screen
  • Added: Support for Nvidia ™ NView Dual Monitors
  • Added: Support for Matrox ™ TripleHead2Go

V 1.25

  • Change: Deorb and landing fine-tuning
  • Fixed: Bad orbit insertion when frequently using timeskip during launch

V 1.19

  • Added: TrackIR Support
  • Change: Deorb and landing fine-tuning

V 1.18

  • Initial Release
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