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 +The CRTs have three Modes **GPC**, **SM** and **PL** - every program has different displays for each mode.
 +The two Main modes in SSM2007 are **GPC**, used for on orbit manuvering and system settings and **SM** used for Mission Payload OPS.
 +| {{:​gpc-crt-switch.jpg|CRT Control Switches}} |
 +^  CRT2 Contol switches ​ ^
 +All four CRTs allow the crew the same functions. the three forward CRTs are controlled from the [[c2_panel|C2 Panel]] while the Rear CRT is controlled from the [[r11_panel|R11 Panel]].
 +Because OPS1 is used during the launch phase - it is mostly used from the Forward CRTs.
 +=====GPC Mode=====
 +=====SM mode=====
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