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The Spacelab Module

Spacelab was a reusable laboratory flown into space on the Space Shuttle. It allowed scientists to perform experiments in microgravity in Earth orbit. The laboratory consisted of multiple components, including a pressurized module, an unpressurized carrier and other related hardware.

Spacelab Flying on STS-50 - Click to Enlarge
Image Courtesy NASA

In SSM2007, two missions carry Spacelab hardware.

Mission Module Type
STS-47 LM2 Module
STS-99 SRTM Pallet


Pressurized Module

For missions carrying pressurized modules, the Spacelab power and life support systems are operated through the R7 Panel.

The astronaut can also move around the interior of the Spacelab module by focusing on it by pressing F1 and F3, and then using the EVA Controls to move around the module.


Normally, missions carrying a Spacelab Pallet payload do not require any specific start-up procedures. However, some payloads, such as the SRTM, require the three payload power busses on the R1 Panel to be switched on.

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