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 ===Download=== ===Download===
 [[http://​​checklists/​STS103.pdf|Original PDF booklet by Michael Swannick]] [[http://​​checklists/​STS103.pdf|Original PDF booklet by Michael Swannick]]
- +====Real-Life Mission==== 
-====Crew Video====+[[wp>​STS-103|STS-103 in Wikipedia]]\\
 [[http://​​resources/​library/​shuttlevideos/​shuttle96.htm|STS-103 Video narrated by the Crew]] [[http://​​resources/​library/​shuttlevideos/​shuttle96.htm|STS-103 Video narrated by the Crew]]
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
 [[STS-93|Previous mission]] ​ | [[missions|Mission index]] | [[STS-99|Next Mission]] [[STS-93|Previous mission]] ​ | [[missions|Mission index]] | [[STS-99|Next Mission]]
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