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SSM2007 "Emergency" procedures

Here you would find all sort of tips, tricks and checklists that will help you overcome your greatest SSM2007 Enemy - your own mistakes :-)

Shuttle Systems


Aborting/Unloading OMS burn targets

Once in a while you will find it necessary to cancel the countdown for an OMS burn (Usually when forgetting to select a specific OMS engine, for example STS-124 single engine burns), or in other word you need to “Undo” your ITEM22..

Because once burn targets are loaded, ITEM22 on the ORBIT MNVR EXEC Display, you are committed to those burn settings (Timing, engine selection, trimming, etc). in order to change anything in the current settings (such as selecting a different OMS engine) you need to unload the burn targets. this is done by selecting ITEM35 on the same ORBIT MNVR EXEC Display. After that, you can change the settings requiring adjustments and reload the burn targets.

The Abort option also works after the burn countdown was initiated (ITEM23).


Disabling Soft-stop

On some Missions such as STS-88 and STS-98 the RMS is required to work very close to the joint limits - which means that you will probably spend a lot of time going in and out of single mode. the Reach limit is actually just a soft-stop, and the joint still have some range of motion before reaching the hard-stop, the physical joint movement limit.

Disabling the Soft-stop allows you to keep working in ORB/UNL mode until you reach the Hard-limit. this is done from the CRT using PDRS CONTROL display (OPS2, SM mode, SPEC94). ITEM8 (“SOFT STOP INH”) will disable the Soft-stop limit while ITEM 7 (“SOFT STOP ENA”) will re-enable it..

Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell restart

If you accidentally shut down your fuel cells, there is a procedure to start them up again.

1 Front F7 * BACKUP C/W ALARM Is Illuminated (Red)
* PRIMARY C/W Is Illuminated (Red)
* MAIN BUS UNDERVOLT Is Illuminated (Red)
* AC VOLATAGE Is Illuminated (Yellow)
* FUEL CELL PUMP Is Illuminated (Yellow)
* HYD PRESS Is Illuminated (Yellow)
Review Warning Panel.
Note: A Fuel Cell Shutdown Should Activate The Listed Alarm Indicators.
2 Front F2
* Silence Master Alarm
* BACKUP C/W ALARM Indicator Is Extinguished
* PRIMARY C/W Indicator Is Extinguished
This Will Silence The Master Alarm Audio Signal & Extinguish The Master Alarm Indicator on Panel F2.
This Will Also Extinguish The Following (Panel - F7) Warning Indicators. (BACKUP C/W ALARM & PRIMARY C/W)
3 Front Right F9 * Upper Rotary AC1 - A (AC Volts=0)
* Upper Rotary AC1 - B (AC Volts=0)
* Upper Rotary AC1 - C (AC Volts=0)
The AC Volts Meter Located To The Right Of The Upper Rotary for AC1 (A/B/C) Will Indicate Zero Volts.
Normal Indications = Approximately 120Volts.
4 Front Right F9 * Lower Rotary, SIGNAL STRENGTH - MAIN VOLTS A (DC VOLTS=0)
* Lower Rotary, VOLTS/AMP - FUEL CELL 1 (DC AMPS=0)
The DC VOLS & DC AMPS Meters Located In The Middle Of The Upper & Lower Rotaries Will Indicate Zero Volts For Main Volts A And Will Indicate Zero Amps For FUEL CELL 1.
Normal Indications = Approximately 32V and 225A.
5 Right Aft R11L

* Enter SPEC 69 PRO
* Examine Fuel Cell Information On CRT 4 and determine which FC is Offline
Gives Access To The Shuttle Systems
The MFD Now Displays The Fuel Cell Screen.
Note: Examine Fuel Cells 1/2/3 and Identify the Faulty Fuel-Cell
6 Overhead O14, O15 or O16 * Cycle relevant FC CNTLR switch (Off / On) You Must Cycle The FC CNTLR switch. Turn This Switch Off Then To The On Position.
this action will also shutdown the Fuel Cell if you wish to test the procedure.
7 Right R1 * Verify FUEL CELL indicator “READY FOR LOAD” - Striped
* Verify FUEL CELL indicator “COOLANT PUMP” - Striped
Fuel Cell indicators “Ready For Load” And “Coolant Pump” Are Striped and Should Display As White.
This Indicates A Fuel Cell Problem.
8 Right R1 * Press & Hold FUEL CELL Rocker Switch UP To START Hold The Fuel Cell Rocker Switch In The Up Position Until The (Ready For Load & Coolant Pump) Talkbacks Turn White.
9 Front Center

Right Aft
Front Right

* MAIN BUS UNDERVOLT Indicator Is Extinguished
* AC VOLATAGE Indicator Is Extinguished
* FUEL CELL PUMP Indicator Is Extinguished
* HYD PRESS Indicator Is Extinguished
* Examine Fuel Cell Information On CRT 4
* Upper Rotary AC1 - A (AC Volts=120)
* Upper Rotary AC1 - B (AC Volts=120)
* Upper Rotary AC1 - C (AC Volts=120)
* Lower Rotary, Signal Strength - MAIN VOLTS A (DC VOLTS=32)
* Lower Rotary, Volts/Amp - FUEL CELL 1 (DC AMPS=225)
Confirm Fuel Cell Restart

Return Of Normal Fuel Cell Indications
Return Of Normal Indications = Approximately 120Volts
Return Of Normal Indications = Approximately 120Volts
Return Of Normal Indications = Approximately 120Volts
Return Of Normal Indications = Approximately 32 DC Volts
Return Of Normal Indications = Approximately 225 DC Amps

Fuel Cell restart Procedure (by Desktopsimmer, SSM2007 forums)
Desktopsimmer's Procedure, In Michael's Checklist format


  • On some cases, getting the latest updates from the SSM download page can result in error 404. First, read the FAQ it will solve the issues in most cases. If all fails, you can try and download the patch and manual from the Purchase page on the SSM website
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