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The SSM Wiki "Rule book"

This wiki has a few simple guidelines.

  • This wiki is all about Space Shuttle Mission 2007™ (AKA SSM2007™).
    You don't need to give too much information on subjects extensively covered in other places (like Wikipedia). For example, how much thrust a single OMS engine produces is irrelevant here, and a simple link to wikipedia will be enough. On the other hand, a tutorial covering OMS burns in Space Shuttle Mission including all the possible ITEM functions in the MNVR display would fit here perfectly (but certainly would not be welcomed on Wikipedia)
  • Writing style
    You don't need to be as formal as Wikipedia requires. Just keep it clear, understandable and informative. Other then that, have fun!
  • Content of this wiki is under Common Creative license - for more information read this.
  • Exciting Simulations™, Space Shuttle Mission™, Space Shuttle Mission 2007™, SSM™ and SSM2007™ with their associated logos and graphics are Trade Marks and Copyright of Simsquared Ltd. further more, This Site is not related directly to Simsquared Ltd in any way. we are using Simsquared Ltd trademarks by their permission.
  • Due To the nature of Wiki we cannot fully control the content of the site. But as a community we will do our best to clean out offensive language.
  • this Wiki is NOT for real life usage! (In case you are that lucky :-))
  • Privacy - All Private information given on registration will only be used for internal Wiki functions. The information will not be disclosed to a third-party. In fact the only real information required is the E-mail address, and only for the unfortunate event of forgetting your password.
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